Dyche accepts Everton recruitment with difficulty.

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Everton manager Sean Dyche insists the football club are making a difficult recruitment process is because of financial problems.

Dyche admits Everton have struggled to recruit in the summer transfer market. Even if you want a new striker to solve the problem of scoring goals. But now he has just signed for free Ashley Young. A veteran of various positions and only two loaned winger Arnaut Danjuma from Villarreal.

Everton narrowly escaped relegation last season. by scoring only 34 goals from 38 Premier League games. UFABET  Which is a big problem that will definitely affect the new season. If not fixed.

“It’s a very difficult market,” Dyche said. There are only a few options we can take. So we are working hard. I assure everyone of that. creating a achievable agreement.”

“There is no definite moment until the line is crossed. There are some situations where we thought we could. But can’t That’s how we can go about it.”

“The inefficiency in scoring goals is always a concern. Because you have to score goals to win.

“We showed in the second half of the season that we need to find different ways to score goals and we need to continue that. That’s part of football.