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How to prevent blemishes in everyday life?

Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight is one of the most effective ways to prevent blemishes in your daily life. This is because ultraviolet rays, both UVA , UVB , or visible light may stimulate the process of increasing melanin production, causing blemishes. Sunscreen should be applied

How can sunburned skin be prevented?

If you apply sunscreen before leaving the house. But if the skin is exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, it may cause sunburned skin. The area of ​​skin exposed to the sun will gradually become burnt after being in the hot sun for more than

Benefits of wheatgrass.

Drinking the juice of wheatgrass is believed to help strengthen the immune system. Remove toxins from the body which is beneficial to the digestive and circulatory systems as follows 1. Rich in many nutrients Wheatgrass is a source of many vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin

What are the causes and symptoms of varicose veins?

Varicose veins are a troubling problem for many people. It occurs when the veins expand, bulge, and curl around. This is because the blood vessels in the legs have higher pressure than normal from sitting or standing for a long time. As a result, raised blue or purple