Robertson opens up on chances of winning UCL title over Real Madrid

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Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson has opened up about his chances of rocking the UEFA Champions League throne. Over tough rivals Real Madrid in the final game in Paris at the end of this month.

“Of course, the UCL final against Real Madrid, the situation will not be as beautiful as we had planned. Never forget who our competitors are. Last season they knocked us out of the quarter-finals, right? This means that since I arrived the team hasn’t won against Madrid, that’s the point. UFABET report

“however When you cross all obstacles until the final has been accomplished The only goal that must be reached is to win the championship. without having to care who the competitors are We fight for trophies, we fight for the fans, we fight for the success of the club, and Madrid thinks the same way.

“My friends and I recognize that it will be a difficult task, perhaps the toughest of the season. But with Liverpool having two more important games in the league ahead of you, what do you think we should focus on first?”

“We have shown the world that we can beat our opponents in the final. From 2 Cups and we will take those spirits to the European game as well. Get the best form. causing trouble for the opponent as much as possible Complete your own game.”