Ten Hag is secretly sad because he was on the save side in the FA free play.

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Eric Ten Hag, manager of Manchester United admits that. He secretly regrets that from now on the English FA Cup will not be replayed. But on the other hand, it may have a positive effect in the long run even in exchange for losing one’s identity.

Organizers of England’s oldest football competition have issued a statement saying that. From the 2024-25 season onwards there will be no new competition. It comes into effect immediately for the first round of matches and will only kick off this weekend. UFABET

The opinions of the elite football coaches are considered to be of various opinions. But from the perspective of Ten Hag, they are on the side of not wanting it to be canceled because it is the charm of this program. 

“It is very sad for the culture of English football. But I think it’s inevitable as well.” Opening his mouth at a press conference before meeting Coventry, the English FA Cup semi-finals (21 April).

“No one can do anything. It is because of the overcrowded competition calendar. which is orchestrated by FIFA and UEFA.”

“We play in a big competition, we have a big influence. And it has a huge impact.”

“But abroad there are still many countries where players are overworked. This has to stop right now.”

“As I learned I feel sorry and sad for English clubs. But for elite players We have to find some free time on the competition calendar.” 

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