‘Tuchel’ is open to sing to use ‘Symbol for Peace’ instead of the sponsor’s chest.

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Thomas Tuchel has opened up on the idea of ​​bringing the symbol for Peace to replace Chelsea’s kit sponsors after Three withdrew.

Three have suspended their Chelsea sponsorship following Roman Abra. The club’s owner Movic has been sanctioned by the UK government over his ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They also asked that all logos be removed from the kit and at Stamford Bridge, where they face Newcastle United on Sunday,

when asked if the replacement for the peace emblem would be enough. Is it possible, Tuchel replied: “We can always wear a jersey that sends a message of peace. That’s never wrong.”

However, finding a kit for the field may be more urgent. As the sponsors are reconsidering their stance on the Abramovich boycott.

Tuchel added: “Perhaps the concern is finding enough shirts to play during the boycott. As long as the bus has a full tank of gas, we’ll travel to the races on full fire. This is something everyone can be sure of and this is what we demand of ourselves.”

“When a big storm hits you have to cover, hug, stay strong and get through it. But sending a message for peace is never wrong.”

On the pitch, Chelsea have performed well in the past four games in the midst of the monsoons. By winning two Premier League games, qualifying for the FA finals. Cup and have a good performance in the finals of Carabao. Cup before losing on penalties

“Continuing to win is always the best way. For us, it might be a harder time because of the noise. Some players will feel insecure. Some people might be a little scared, some people will be worried That’s normal.” the ufabet report

“It’s not just a player. We have many staff at the club who may be worried, scared and unsure. So it’s very important that we maintain that confidence within the training ground, in all of

us. We are not the ones who caused this situation. We can’t fix this situation.”

“It may ultimately give us the freedom to enjoy what we are doing. Including doing our duty to give everything and what we demand of ourselves

. We will take another action to prepare ourselves for Sunday.”