Paulian to be suspended and demoted to Serie B after losing out to Milan

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Italian referee Marco Serra is set to be suspended and sent off for Serie B. After his decision gave AC Milan a three-point loss in last night’s shock defeat to Spezia. On Monday

Messius fired in, but Serra did not allow a continuous rhythm and chose to return to give a foul in the rhythm. Rebic was fouled when passing the ball into the penalty area

The game was tied 1-1 with time elapsed until extra-time. With Milan going on for the winning goal and almost did it when Ante Rebic slipped the ball past Junior Messias in the bounds. Penalty.

The players of “Rossoneri ” Dissatisfied and went to protest the referee and Serra himself made an apology that he sounded the rhythm. Causing the score to remain at 1-1

And after such a stroke, the game was turned over in an instant. As Spezia played the game back to score the winner in the 96th minute.

Reports Ufabet Sport. It states that Serra is set to be suspended. For a period of time for his decision at the San Siro.

Serra made several mistakes. Including missing the moment that should have been a clear penalty in the first half as well, which VAR came after after blowing

The usual penalty for an under-performing referee is a two-game ban, but Serra will likely face a longer break. In addition, he would be chased to blow at the Seria level. After the break

, Milan boss Stefano Pioli revealed after the game that Serra had apologized to him and the players for the mistake.

The defeat had a heavy blow to Milan because if they won they would be at the top of the crowd. But now they are 2 points behind Inter Milan and play more than one match.

Milan will have important games for the title race in the next two matches, which will be against Juventus and Inter.