“Inzaghi” upset the way the team went wrong.

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Inter Milan head coach Simone Inzaghi was upset with the team’s way. Of playing after the home game against Sassuolo,

the Italian coach’s “Python” army. Still not returning to good form after losing 2-0 at home to Sassuolo, causing them to miss the chance to overtake AC Milan back to the top of the crowd again.

“Because we have three days from Wednesday, we talk about Sassuolo winning both Juve and Milan away, they played great football and we have to be careful,” Inzaghi said to ufabet. game over.

Given that Sassuolo have already beaten Juventus and AC Milan. Away from home this season. Simone Inzaghi. Was understandably frustrated. That his players had failed to see the upset coming and suggested they hadn’t approached the game in the right way.

“We made every effort in the second half. We created a lot of chances and bad luck. But the truth is that we should find a different approach. Sassuolo has very good technical qualities. And they are more physically fit. which it has already seen.”

“We will go back and analyze this situation. We know we have 13 games left to play, we are still at the top of the table and want to keep going

. There can’t be a wrong approach like the one we are today.”