Inter Miami is still waiting to sign free Suarez early next year.

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Inter Miami are still waiting to bring Luis Suarez to join Lionel Messi up front. But it has to be the new 2024 football season.

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano Football transfer guru reports that. Suarez has agreed with Brazilian club Gremio to terminate his contract a year early. This means it will become free early next year.

Originally, Suarez had a contract with Gremio until the end of December 2024. But had agreed to terminate the contract a year earlier, causing Inter Miami to closely monitor the situation. And ready to make an offer to pull the veteran Uruguayan striker to play with Messi in the 2024 MLS season UFABET

Inter Miami have previously expressed interest in Suarez. Wanting to join Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba this summer. But signing a contract is difficult because the player still has a contract with Gremio, causing the plan to fall down unfortunately.

Suarez, now 36, previously coordinated up front with Messi at Barcelona between 2014 and 2020. Achieving great success together. 4 La Liga titles, 4 Copa del Rey titles, 1 UEFA Champions League title, etc.

Earlier, Inter Miami co-owner Jorge Maas had previously said he would bring in three or four more big-name players to coordinate. With Messi if they signed Sergio Buskets, who is out of contract with Barcelona ​​has joined the club. And could also be linked with Spanish defender Jordi Alba, who has terminated his contract at the Nou Camp in the near future. Until recently, there was a bulge that the club was approaching the 36-year-old spade spearhead, who is currently living in the Samba League with the Gremio team.