‘Conte’ has pointed out that he recently faced the league allowing

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Antonio Conte has called the Premier League an odd decision to postpone the North London derby and for the first time in his life the game has been postponed due to injury. The Premier League has decided to accept Arsenal’s request to postpone

one of their key games of the season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Ten people because of coronavirus, injuries, bans and the Africa Cup of Nations

when they requested the postponement had only one confirmed coronavirus case. The remainder are four players traveling to the Africa Cup of Nations and several injured players.

“The club made a statement and I think the club expressed its disappointment we had with the decision. It was a strange decision but I think the club released an important statement to show we were disappointed with the decision,” Conte said

“If the Premier League decides to postpone the game due to injury That means they have to do their best to organize their matches and maybe drop some games if they don’t want to get hurt or postpone because of injury.” told on Ufabet

“This is the first time in my life that the league has been postponed. Competitive game due to injury It’s very bizarre and I’m very surprised.

” Especially not to have a match every few days.”

“Otherwise, are you talking about the welfare of the players? It’s just an excuse or, in my opinion, just saying something nonsense. Because you protect the players by giving them a break, going on the pitch and resting.

” You can’t talk about welfare. It was very strange.”

“When there is a situation where we have to go on the pitch and we have to play. Not postponed because of injury, because of the national team mission. I think we have covids as a big problem that needs to be solved. But it’s only this that decides to postpone

the game. To see a decision like this is very strange because like this, anything can happen.”