Kidney disease is possible if you don’t eat salty food

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Kidney disease is possible if you don’t eat salty food

We have two kidneys, located at the back of the waist area. After we eat food, snacks or drink water, the body will store the good and beneficial things. The excess or unwanted things will be excreted through the kidneys as urine. Urine contains many substances that the body does not need, including minerals, acids and bases to maintain balance.

But whenever the body begins to show symptoms like never before, such as swelling in the face, arms and legs, fatigue, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, paleness, tiredness, and urine with an abnormal color. It shows that the kidneys are not starting to work properly. But some people have no symptoms. Because the body can adapt very well.

But for people with kidney disease In the hot season, special attention should be paid to health care. And you can do it easily, just…

1. Patients with mild to moderate kidney disease

That is, blood pressure is not very high. No swelling of arms and legs Urine output exceeds 1 liter per day. Can drink water normally. You should drink enough water, 1.5 to 2 liters per day, or as recommended by your doctor. so that the excretion of waste will be possible as usual

2. Patients with end-stage kidney disease

You should drink a moderate amount of water each time you are thirsty, but it should not exceed half a liter/day. Because the body rarely sweats and urinates little. Therefore, care should be taken to keep the weight constant. Not too much to the point of causing complications such as flooding of the lungs, etc.

3. Patients with kidney disease who have high blood pressure

You should not walk or stand in the sun for too long. Because it will cause changes in blood pressure levels that may be too high. or too low Until fainting or having an accident

And what about eating?

“Kidney patients that kidney function is normal” can eat food that is not too salty and fruit in sufficient quantity Just be careful about the rapid increase in weight.

As for the case of “kidney patients In some stages, the functioning has deteriorated moderately or greatly. It is necessary to avoid foods such as meat, beans, and dark drinks. Fruits that will cause the accumulation of potassium such as mango, durian, lychee, jackfruit, longan, rambutan, potassium. This will have a harmful effect on kidney disease patients. Because it will cause the heart to beat irregularly. and stop dancing immediately