Is constipation time dangerous? For how long should I concer?

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Is constipation for a long time dangerous? For how long should I concer?

Most of the time, constipation is not a serious symptom. However, if constipation occurs without a cause and continues for more than 1 week without improvement, you should see a doctor for diagnosis. The doctor may prescribe a constipation medication to treat the symptoms. However, if it does not go away after taking the medication for 5-7 days, you should see a doctor again. Because constipation without a known cause may be a sign of some diseases, such as colon cancer, because the tumor that occurs in the colon blocks the path of the movement of feces, making it impossible to defecate.

Easy ways to cure constipation, starting with you.

Constipation is caused by ourselves. Therefore, we should fix it by changing our lifestyle habits. Whether it’s eating You should turn to eating foods that สมัคร ufabet contain more fiber. and drinking more water that should be drunk, or if the symptoms have not actually improved You should consult a doctor. To know those symptoms And another option that can help reduce symptoms of constipation is

Colon Detox Program :   Even though you have a normal and good excretory system, however, there are still wastes and toxins left in the deep intestines that can cause excretion in life. Everyday life cannot be eliminated completely.

Doing Colon Detox will help in cleaning out waste and toxins that have accumulated in the large intestine for a long time. The method is different from general detoxification with anal enema. Because of this process It will be a gentle and safe wash using pure RO water (Reverse Osmosis).

Results from colon cleansing ( Colon Detox)

Eliminate waste and toxins that have left for a long time in the large intestine. Which will help the system work of the body. Whole is better Reduce the risk of disease in the digestive system and the body’s immune system to work at full capacity.

Frequent constipation, is it dangerous  ?

Constipation can occur frequently. That depends on the physical condition. Eating But if you are constipate frequently and become a chronic condition. You should be careful. Because frequent constipation may cause hemorrhoids. Or it can cause sores around the anus because the stool is hard, making it difficult to push. and pressed against the anal area It can cause pain while defecating.