Thai Phong Or Tong

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Thai Phong Or Tong It is a gambling that Thai people have been popular with since the past. The cards used in playing are different from other types of cards. is to be a specific card which for one consists of 10 sets of cards, namely

Eaw Lek (Eaw awk, aww aww, aww long)

Eaw Yai (Eaw Phaya, Eawnang, Eaw Noo)

Two (Two Khan, Two Big Eyes, Two Body)

Three (Samkhan, Three Big Eyes, Three Birds)

four (four khon, four eggplants, four milk)

Five (Five Khan, Five Watermelon, Five Birds)

Six (Six Khan, Six Big Eyes, Six Fine)

Seven (Jed Khan, Seven Fan, Seven Nok)


Nine (Kao Khan, Kao Chan, Kao Daeng)

Each suit contains 4 cards of each type, for a total of 12 cards, and the entire deck contains 120 cards.

Each set of cards There will be a different look on the head of the card. Almost all of the related family cards have a notch at the right end of the card. except for the Phaya which will not have a notch Instead, it is depicted as a white bar with a pattern and is stamped in red in the middle, just like Ian Nang and Kao Daeng.

The second family of cards has a Re button in the top right corner.

No, the third family has a pointed head in the upper right corner.

Four family cards have a semicircle button in the center.

Five family cards have two indentations in the card’s head.

The sixth family has two white lines in the upper right corner.

The seventh family has 5 notches on the head.

Eight cards have one indentation in the center of the card’s head.

Family Nine cards have one white line in the upper right corner.

All the rats and cards are Thai numbers. ทางเข้า UFABET.